Classroom Rules
Please be ready to follow these classroom rules and  a good student.

1. present at school.                            2.   courteous.

                                                    3.     a busy worker.

4.kind and respectful.   5.   a good listener.


  • Verbal reminder
  • Lose 5 minutes play time
  • Parent contact (note/call)
  • Office referral


  • 10 minute computer educational time
  • Prize from Miner treat bag
  •  teacher helper
  • Sit at teacher’s desk for one class









Please read and discuss the rules with your child then sign and return to Mrs. Moreno.  Thank you.

______________________________(Student Signature)                Date_______________ 

______________________________(Parent/Guardian Signature)    Date______________

______________________________Parent/Guardian Contact number


                                            Discipline yourself so I won’t have to.