Malone, Edith Special Ed.

Hello My Name Is...
Mrs. Edith Malone

Edith Malone

 Hello! My name is Edith Malone. I am the Special Education teacher for the About Face Alternative Education Program. I teach1st grade through 5th grade and periodically during the year, I teach a self-contained Behavior Intervention Class. I have been blessed to
teach in this program for 18 years.

My job is to teach very special children with very special needs. I work closely with my students using the latest curriculum, technology and information to close any learning and behavioral gaps that they may have. AND...on most days, my wonderful children teach me as much as they learn.

 Please feel free to contact me at or call 915 236 3150 and leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. My conference period is 1:45 - 2:30. Come and visit me!