Delgado, Teresa

Hello My Name Is..
Ms. Teresa Delgado

Teresa Delgado

​I teach students in the JJAEP program. I have taught in this program for 5 years. I graduated from UTEP in  1999 with a Bachalorate Degree in Bilingual Education. Working, as a teacher has truly been a life experience. It has provided me the opportunity to help students from the Kinder Level to Middle School. I really love to see the progress of their learning and be part of their development. I always encourage my students to challenge themselves and to look for all the opportunities that life offers.

In my class students will continue learning about the wonders of Math, Science, S. Studies, and L. Arts. My lessons follow the same format as the ones created from TEKS and EPISD expected standards. Your children will learn in a safe environment while working hard and preparing for the next grade level.

Feel free to contact me for any questions, information, concerns, or conversation (by appointment, please) about your child's progress. My prep-time: Monday to Friday 12:00 - 12:45.

Teresa Delgado
JJAEP Teacher
Lamar/ABOUT FACE Elementary School
1440 E. Cliff St.
Phone (915)236-3150